Intel AppUp Center Games

arcade game - sea tiger
Sea Tiger
puzzle game - packer
arcade game - highway hijinks
Highway Hijinks
arcade game - nike defense
Nike Defense
arcade game - burger battle
Burger Battle
puzzle game - crypto words
Crypto Words
puzzle game - cosmic blox
Cosmic Blox
arcade game - alien heist
Alien Heist
arcade game - crystoids
arcade game - abductors
arcade game - starbase 679
Starbase 679
arcade game - mazes of doom
Mazes of Doom
arcade game - creepers
arcade game - astromidus
puzzle game - detection
arcade game - caterpillars
arcade game - space rift
Space Rift
arcade game - chompers


The AppUp games listed on this site will work on any netbook, laptop computer or desktop computer with the Intel AppUp center installed. You can learn more about the Intel AppUp Center at the official web site: Intel AppUp

Note: When you purchase an AppUp game you have 24 hours to return it free of charge. This is the AppUp Center’s version of a free trial. There is no risk involved in purchasing an application from the Intel AppUp Center.